• Author:Ben Jones
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Dithering on MP’s expenses

One of the biggest issues facing the country this year has been MP’s expenses. We could have reasonably expected action on it to form part of the legislative programme announced this week by the government. No such luck. Despite all the talk of cleaning up politics and restoring faith in politicians, the government has failed to act when it had the perfect opportunity. The story doesn’t end there.

Just hours after the Queen’s Speech, the Prime Minister was already doing one of his famous retreats. He refused David Cameron’s offer of help to pass new laws the public demand on expenses reform; instead he sat talking to Harriet Harman. Then, following criticism from Sir Christopher Kelly, he changed his mind and admitted new laws are needed. It’s another total shambles from this failing government and failing prime Minister.

It also confirms what I have written here for some months; they still do not get it!