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Weekly News- Halton Tory candidate uses conference to air borough issues


BEN Jones, the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Halton, attended the Party Conference in Manchester last week. During the week, he met leader David Cameron and Halton Borough Council representatives to discuss important local issues.

Mr Jones said afterwards: “Conference is a great opportunity to meet with a range of people and organisations to discuss key issues affecting the people of Halton.

“I used my time productively to hold a series of meetings to discuss the Mersey Gateway project, issues affecting older people in Halton including social care provision, law and order – especially in relation to anti-social behaviour – and health needs.”

He continued: “I took every opportunity to meet with key organisations, senior party figures and other candidates to promote Halton and to speak up for the needs of local people.

“With the general election probably just a few months away and by May at the latest, this conference season has been important in helping voters compare the ideas of the respective parties as they decide who can give Britain and Halton the change that it needs.”