• Author:Ben Jones
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Compassionate grounds

Following the release of Ronnie Biggs on “compassionate grounds” we are faced with another shocking case; this time the convicted Lockerbie bomber. Mr al-Megrahi was convicted under Scottish law for the murder of 270 people. Incidentally, thus far he has served the equivalent of a fortnight in prison for each victim.

It now appears he is on the verge of release on “compassionate grounds”. This stinks. I believe that, as a rule, when someone is guilty of multiple murders they should not be allowed out of prison early. This crime was so heinous that Mr al-Megrahi should die in prison.

It is true that you can judge a society by how it treats its prisoners and how it doles out justice. As a result I have long been opposed (and remain opposed) to the death penalty. But to retain public confidence in the judicial system I believe convicted criminals should serve their time. In this case and that of Mr Biggs, no amount of ill-health should make any difference.