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Weekly News- Massive thumbs-down to Gordon’s failing regime


LAST week, Britain gave it’s damning verdict on this failing Labour Government.
I was in Halton during the week and found the mood on the doorstep one of anger and disappointment; it’s clear that the people of Halton are furious about the behaviour of MPs in Westminster and want a General Election to have their say.

It is also clear that the results were a disaster for Gordon Brown and the Labour Party. This is their worst election performance since the war. We need a General Election now so that the country gets the change it needs.

I’m looking forward to continuing to campaign in Halton in the build up to next May’s important local elections, and between now and whenever the Prime Minister finds the courage to call a General Election.

In last week’s elections, the Conservatives won as many votes as Labour and the Liberal Democrats put together. We are the only party with an MEP in every region of the UK.
We came first, increased our vote share and were 13% ahead of Labour. We performed well right across the country, topping the polls in every English region apart from the North East, and beating Labour in Wales for the first time ever.

We are ready for the General Election, whenever it is called.

Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Halton