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Weekly News- Conservative prospective parlimentary candidate says MPs have ‘alot of work to do’


BEN Jones, the Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate for Halton, said MPs have a mountain to climb to regain public trust in the wake of the expenses scandal.
Last week he delivered a five-point pledge to the electorate if he were elected to office.

He told the Weekly News this week: “The issue of MPs’ expenses continues to dominate the news and rightly raises serious questions about the culture of Westminster politics. I continue to despair that a number of MPs are still talking about the ‘rules’ and ‘the system’ rather than what is right and wrong.

“As I’ve said previously, we need a culture change in politics, which ensures that MPs claim only costs they legitimately incur to serve their constituents; not what they are ‘entitled’ to claim. We’ve been very badly let down by a number of MPs. I share the public anger over this shameful behaviour.

“My party wants to put responsibility at the heart of our society, we want to put thrift at the heart of our Government. So we’ve got to live by those values in politics and in Parliament.

“I’m glad to see that a number of candidates and MPs have made pledges on expenses and allowances to their electorates. I made my expenses pledge in March. I’m committed to playing my part in helping rebuild trust in politicians and politics, which has been shaken by this crisis. We have a lot of work to do!”