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Mersey Gateway; a fair deal on tolls

Halton Conservatives are stepping up our campaign for a fair deal on Mersey Gateway tolls by signing a petition on the Downing Street website. The petition calls on the Prime Minister to look into residents of Halton and local businesses not paying bridge tolls on the existing Jubilee Bridge once the new bridge is built.

I provided the following quote for local media: “We are fully committed to getting a fair deal on tolls for the people of Halton. We believe the government should look very closely at the tolling options for the existing bridge and find a way of helping local people, especially in these difficult economic times. That is why I, and all the Conservative Councillors in Halton, have signed this petition. We will continue to campaign on this issue so that Halton residents who need to use the bridges every day to drive to work, school, or to support their families, get a fair deal.”