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Justice for the 96

Like thousands of other Liverpool fans, every day I think about Hillsborough. I think about my fellow Liverpool fans who went to a football match and did not come home, their grief-stricken families, and the injustice they continue to endure after 20 years. This week our memories are given added poignancy by the 20th anniversary of that tragic day.

We all have our own memories and experiences of that terrible day. We all have our own thoughts as to who, and what, was to blame; and we all have our own thoughts as to what should have been done in the aftermath to ensure justice was done.

The Hillsborough families continue their struggle for justice, which they were denied initially by the coroner and many times subsequently, including in the review by Lord Justice Stuart Smith. There are still many questions left unanswered, especially those relating to the period after the 3:15pm “cut-off” time imposed by the coroner. Many of us continue to support the families’ campaign for justice in our own small ways and hope as the anniversary approaches they will at last get the justice they deserve.

At 3:06pm on Wednesday, we will once again think about the loss of our 96 brothers and sisters and how lucky so many of us were to not be amongst them.