• Author:Ben Jones
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My expenses pledge to the people of Halton

MP’s expenses have been in the news again this week and the conduct of some MPs have attracted further deserved criticism. I want to take this opportunity to set out my pledge on expenses and allowances to the people of Halton. If I were to become the MP for Halton I would:

  • Be completely open about all of my expenses and allowances, publishing full details every year
  • Only claim expenses for costs I have incurred in doing my job as an MP (e.g. travel costs and office allowances)
  • Provide receipts for all my expense claims
  • Not employ members of my family
  • Only claim expenses in relation to a second home where they were genuinely incurred, not because I was “entitled” to them

The voters of Halton have a right to know how I would behave as their MP, and they have a right to know how all MPs are spending their money. I pledge complete openness with them on my expenses and allowances; it’s the least they deserve as I would work for them.