• Author:Ben Jones
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You can’t have it both ways

The Prime Minister continues to want to have it both ways; claiming the Conservatives want to “do nothing” whilst at the same time trying to copy our ideas to get Britain out of this Labour recession. Take a look at the list below and see whether you think this is a plan to “do nothing”.

We will:

  • Abolish income tax on savings for basic rate taxpayers and raise the pensioners’ personal allowance by £2,000 to £11,490.
  • Get credit flowing and save jobs with a £50 billion National Loan Guarantee Scheme.
  • Help small businesses with cash flow by delaying VAT bills for six months.
  • Freeze council tax for two years by cutting wasteful Government spending.
  • Get companies hiring again through reducing employment costs for small businesses by cutting National Insurance, and through a tax break for new jobs.

It is surely time he focused less on mis-representing the Conservative Party and more on getting us out of this economic mess.