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“Renewal as well as change”

Regardless of your politics, today is a truly historic day.

Barrack Obama’s stunning victory in the US Presidential election sends a clear message to politicians around the world. His message of hope, renewal and change has resonated with the United States, and in parts few thought he could reach. The sight of thousands of Americans, some of whom were voting for the first time, queuing for hours (often in the rain), to have their voices heard was moving and humbling. I hope this renewal of the democratic process in the US, after engaging and enthralling primary and election campaigns will now be felt in Britain. We need to reinvigorate our politics and offer the British people the sort of hope and choice that the US has been given.

That, however, is for another day. Today we should congratulate President-elect Obama on his magnificent victory and wish him every success as he prepares to take up his great office.

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